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  Introduction to the school


  The 2019 High School recruitment for Shanghai Concord Bilingual School is open to all students from Shanghai and other provinces. The school will provide integrated international courses including IGCSE and A-levels. All qualified students are welcome to apply for our school.



  Enrolment quota


  We will have 1 class, 15 to 20 students according to our 2019 recruitment plan.


  Enrolment target and requirements


  We are recruiting students of good physical and mental health, with good behaviour, good academic performance, good English and strong independent learning ability, who are finishing their last year of middle school in 2019. We can also accept middle school graduates who fall into the appropriate age groups.

  We are recruiting students from Shanghai, other provinces and also foreign passport holders who aim to pursue further studies in foreign universities. The detailed requirements are as follows:


  1. Shanghai students must take part in the senior high school entrance examination (Zhongkao), pass the Shanghai Concord Entrance test and meet other admission requirements of Shanghai Concord Bilingual School in 2019.


  2. Students from other provinces must take part in the local senior high school entrance examination, provide official transcripts, pass the Shanghai Concord Entrance test and meet other admission requirements of Shanghai Concord Bilingual School in 2019.


  3. Foreign passport holders must provide official documents for identity authentication, pass the Shanghai Concord Entrance Test and meet other admission requirements of Shanghai Concord Bilingual School in 2019.


  Curriculum introduction and taster sessions


  In order for parents and students understand the admission policy and other related circumstances of our school, on 11th May, Shanghai Concord High School will give introductory curriculum sessions to those who apply for Year 10 in 2019. Parents and students will have the opportunity to attend the lecture on our school’s philosophy of teaching and learning and an outline of the high school curriculum by our team, they will be able to visit our school and have face to face communication with our school management team.


  In the near future, applicant who has qualified to our admission criteria will have the chance to “step into the classroom and feel the Concord atmosphere”. We will tailor the A-level courses for individual students and each student will be able to choose three lessons from among the seven subjects including Mathematics, English, Further Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Physics, Chemistry and Art. Students will also have the chance to have face to face communication with the teachers.

  若符合康德高中入学条件的学生还将有机会“走进课堂,感受康德”。我们将为学生量身定制A level课程体验,学生可从数学、英语、附加数学、信息技术、物理、化学、艺术7门课中选择3门课程进行试听,并有机会与任课老师进行面对面的交流。

  If you have the intention to apply for our school, the high school students will also have the entrance tests after the school open day. We will notify you the date and the details of our taster sessions if you have qualified to our admission criteria.



  Curriculum introduction session

  for Parents and Students

  Time: 11th May, 2019 (Saturday) 9am - 10:15am

  Place: School assembly hall

  Entrance test for students

  Time: 11th May, 2019 (Saturday) 10:30am - 12:30am

  Place: Designated classrooms in the school


  时间:2019年5月11日(周六)上午9:00 – 10:15



  1. Due to limited space and seating, parents who have the intention to apply for our school should please visit the official website and submit your entry form. We will contact you in time.

  2. No parking spaces available on 11th May, 2019





  Test arrangement and admission assessment


  If you have the intention to apply for our high school, we will assess students after the curriculum introduction session on 11th May, 2019. The detailed process and arrangement is as follows:


  Registration time | 报名时间

  1st April - 30th April, 2019

  2019年4月1日- 5月9日



  Entrance test time | 笔试时间

  10:30am to 12:30am, 11th May, 2019 (Saturday)


  Test subjects and time | 笔试科目与时间

  1. English Essay | 英语:30 minutes

  2. Maths | 数学:60 minutes

  3. Non-verbal Reasoning | 思维能力测试:30 minutes



  1. If there is vacancy after recruitment, we will hold another round of recruitment in mid-June. Please pay attention to our official website and Wechat Official Account for further information.


  2. Please bring along the following documents to confirm registration:


  1) A valid certificate of the applicant with his or her photo such as a student ID card, ID card, passport, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan pass, etc. (Original and Copy)


  2) A copy of the student guardian's ID


  3) Y8 and Y9 students need to provide the original and copy of their Growth Handbooks, transcript of the first Y9 Zhongkao mock exam (if applicable)


  4) Certificate of award for special talent (original and copy)


  3. A candidate can only take the entrance test on one occasion and the decision based on this will be final.


  Admission requirements and procedures


  1. Offers are made following a comprehensive evaluation of the candidates’ written test results, their interview performance and junior high school academic performance.


  2. Offer letters and notice of tuition fee payment will be issued within 10 days of the interview.


  Tuition fee standard


  Approved by the Huangpu District Price Bureau, the tuition fee for each junior high school student each term will be 90000RMB, 180000RMB each academic year.


  The final expenditure will be subject to the actual costs incurred.


  The school address and contact details